Double Girder European Design Compact Cranes






Unique Features

  • Design similar to European Design Cranes with better Features.
  • SEW / NORD German make. Geared brake Motors. Compact unit for Hoisting, CT & LT motions. All gears are hardened & ground with high efficiency, smaller size, low noise, smooth operation, Bearings are life sealed.
  • Drive for all motions ready to fit unit.
  • CT / LT motions need no bulky platform.
  • Combined effect is smaller trolley, smaller end carriage.
  • Box Girder becomes lighter.
  • Overall Crane Weight is less. LT Wheel load is less.
  • All motions are with VVVF Drives.
  • Power Consumption is low.
  • Crane is completely maintenance free.

  • Main Girder:- Standard I Beam or Box Girder as per Selection. Box Girder are fabricated from MS Plates material as per IS 2062

    End Carriage:- Fabricated from channels or MS Plates Bridge:- Main Girders and Carriage are joined by specially made machined bolt to avoid any play and vibration, Bridge is designed for minimum vibrations and deflection on SWL

    Gear Boxes: - Gear Boxes made of leak proof enclosure housing Splash Lubricated, Mineral Oil/Synthetic oil is used for longer replacement time. These are SEW / NORD / European make Motors: - All motors are Crane Duty, Sq Cage suitable for VVVF Drives, 40% CDF, 150 start/hr, IP-55 enclosure SEW/NORD/European make

    Brakes:- DC Disc Brakes (Fail Safe Type) SEW/NORD/ European make mounted on motors with manual release.

    Wheels:-Forged C55 Mn75 material suitably hardened assembled in “L” Block Housing are used for Crab trolley and Crane movements.

    Limit Switches: - Rotary and Gravity Limit Switches are provided to prevent over hoisting

    LT Machinery: - Consist of Geared Brake Motor of SEW/NORD/European make. Mounted directly on LT Wheels drive side

    Panels: - Totally enclosed dust and virmin proof control panel houses.AC 3 Duty Siemens/Schneider makes switch gears transformer etc as per requirement

    VVVF Drive: - Schneider make housed inside the panel enclosures

    Maintenance Platform: - Standard Cranes have 2 Nos small platforms with toe guards and Hand Railing on Drive side and two nos. on idle side at both ends for maintenance of LT machinery. Panel is placed on the drive side platforms

    CT DSL: - IGUS drag chain is used for CT DSL/ Crab Trolley Power Supply.

    Limit Switches: -Hoisting : Rotary and Gravity type CT and LT : Two Way Lever Type Limit Switches are installed Controls: - Pendent control from floor or Master Controller in the driver Cabin are provided

    Controls: - Pendent control from floor or Master Controller in the driver Cabin are provided

    Pendent Push Button: - Robust, Heavy Duty push button switch for driver Cabin are provided

    Cabin:- Open or enclosed type driver’s cabin available. The cabin can be provided either at one end of the bridge girder or center of bridge girder. Moving type cabin fitted with crab can also be provided. Enclosed cabin is well ventilated but air conditioned   cabin can also be provided. Standard cabin accessories are operating controllers, ladder from platform. Driver’s seat, cabin, light, exhaust fan Insulated floor matting, fire extinguisher are provided as optional.

    Testing:- All cranes are tested for 25% overload and deflection as per IS 3177 after erection at site

    Warrantee: - EOT Cranes are warranted for one year from the date of supply. Electricals warranty is as backed by respective manufacturers.

    After Sales Service: - Prompt after sales-service is provided to all our customers. Spare parts availability is prompt. Assemblies, sub-assemblies & spare parts are interchangeable

    Crab Trolley: - Crab Trolley is made of fabricated structure.

    Hoisting: - Geared Brake Motor SEW / NORD / European make as above are coupled to Rope Drum.

    Rope Drum: - Made of Seamless Pipe.

    Hook Block: - Heavy Duty Steel Forged ‘C’ or Ramshorn type hooks as per requirement supported on thrust bearing for free swiveling with safety latch. Hook Block is enclosed in sheet metal enclosure.

    Cross Travel: - 2 Nos Geared Brakes Motor SEW/NORD/European make are used at both end of Crab Trolley. These are mounted directly on CT Wheel driver.