Double Girder EOT Cranes

Unique Features

Radio Remote Control

Radio Remote Control of Push Button Control Hand held Type or Joy Stick Control Shoulder held Type Can be Supplied.

Wheel Assemblies

Trolley and crane wheels are straight treaded double flanged forged steel wheels. heat treated to achieve a depth of 15-20 mm from the surface and gradually diminishing towards the center retainingthe core properties. these wheels are supported on antifriction ball/roller bearings.


The gear reducers are constructed either in double, triple and quadruple reduction using regged wide faced helical and spur gears that are precision cut from special alloy steel forgings and to supported between two antifriction ball/roller bearings. All gear uniot are totally enclosed with oil bath splash lubrication.

Crane Micro Drives

The spacial micro drive provides fine inches movements of hoest, trolley or crane at the rate of 5% to 20% of the rate of the main speed. The micro drive achieved by a separate gear box with unique sun and plant system gearing system fitted on the input side of main gear unit it is a positive drive and avoid the use of clutches etc. (Optional)

VVVF Drives

Variable frequency controlled electronic ac drives are available for infinite variable control of speed it saves power consumed by cranes and improve load maneuvering.(optional)

Crane Drives

We offer a wide selection of A.C. control packages to meet your electrical requirement. we select only the best standard crane and hoist duty motors and all electrical components and accessories from the nation’s leading manufacturers to ensure dependable driving power.


Failsafe Electromagnatic or hydraulic brakes of 150% torque or more are fitted on shaft extention.For heavy duty cranes a second brakecan be mounted to ensure fail safe operation.


Pendant control from floor or master controlers in the driver`s cabin are provided.


Open or enclosed type driver`s cabin available.The cabin can be provided either one of the bridge grideror center of bridge girder. Moving type cabin fitted with crab can also be provided. enclosed cabin is well ventilated but air conditiond cabin is also provided. standerd cabin accessories are operating controlaers, protective panel and ladder from platform. driver`s seat, cabin light Exhaust fan, Insulated floor matting, fire extinguisher are provided as optional.


Experienced team of technicals, skiled/unskinled workers are deputedto erect cranes at any difficult situations.


Experienced Engineers / technitions arer deputed for the commissioning and load test of cranes at site.


Radio Remote Control of Push Button Control Hand held Type or Joy Stick Control Shoulder held Type Can be Supplied.

After sales service

Prompt after sales service is provided to all customers. spare parts availability is prompet. assamblies, sub assamblies & spare parts are interchangeable.

Technical Specifications

Notes on Technical Data

  • Wheel load include no impact allowance.
  • Dimensions are based on 20 Mtrs. span(s) and 10 Mtrs of lift.
  • Wheel base may be increased for longer lifts.
  • All dimensions shown are for standers headroom applications and may be varied widely to suit conditions.

Overseas Installation