Wire Rope Electric Hoists

'ELITE' Wire Rope Electric Hoist are Heavy Duty conform IS:3938 and most suitable for rugged performance.


  • CONSTRUCTION - Hoist is steel plate fabricated construction machined and Hoist consist of motor, Brake, drum , gear box, electric panel and travelling trolley. All these are easily accessible forRepairs and maintenance.
  • MOTOR High starting torque, crane duty, squirrel cage, fan cooled, continuos Rated. Suitable for frequent reversing and braking. Induction motors are provided. Motors are suitable for 3 phase 415V, 50Hz, AC supply.
  • GEARS The reduction gear train is mounted on needle rolled bearing in a dust proof oil bath housing, Pinions are made of EN-24 and gears of EN-8 / EN-9, Cover is provided on top of housing for easy maintenance and inspection.
  • BRAKE Adjustable, self re- setting, electro-magnetic disc or shoe type Brakes are used in Hoist. Brake on trolley are available at extra cost.
  • WIRE ROPE Ungalvanised extra flexible wire rope of 6/36 constructions of braking strength 180 KG/mm2 made of plough steel.
  • ROPE DRUM Drum made of seamless steel pipe or fabricated steel plates revolves on heavy duty bearing. Rope grooves are accurately machined for proper setting of wire rope. Specially designed arrangement is made so that one complete turn of rope is clamped.
  • HOOK BLOCK Heavy duty steel forged hooks are supported on thrust bearing for free swiveling. Std. C type as per IS 3815.
  • LIMIT SWITCHES To prevent over hoisting and over lowering limit switches are provided as safety device. CT limit Switch at extra cost.
  • TROLLEY ELITE WIRE ROPE HOIST are supplied either with fixed suspension, or electric trolley as per option of customer.
  • ELECTRIC PANEL Totally enclosed dust and vermin proof control panel hoses direction reversing type air brake contactors. Overload, HRC fuses, transformer, rectifier etc. as per requirement
  • PENDANT PUSH BUTTONS Robust heavy duty push button switch for operating at 24/110 volts is suspended from Hoist.
  • TESTING All the Hoist are tested for 25% overload.
  • GUARANTEE Hoist are guaranteed for repair / replacement FOR Faridabad of any part which proves defective in material or workmanship with in one year of seal. Electric components warranty as backed by the manufacture.