Steel Industry

For Steel Melt Shop we are the leading Manufacturer and supplier for EOT Cranes like –

  • Hot Liquid Metal / Ladle Handling Cranes
  • Scrap Charging Cranes
  • Billets/Slab/Bloom Handling Cranes
  • TMT Bars Handling Cranes
  • Container Handling Cranes
  • High Speed Magnet / Grab Handling Cranes Etc.

Sugar Mills

As per application of sugar plants and similar industries we manufacture various types of Gantry Cranes, Overhead Cranes and Wire Rope Electric Hoists.

Power Industry

We manufacture extra heavy duty special design double Girder Overhead Cranes for power plants and similar industries.

Paper Industry

According to the application of the paper mills & and similar industries we manufacture various types of Single Girder and Double Girder overhead cranes and Wire Rope electric hoists.


We manufacture special design compact cranes as well as conventional cranes for textile mill and similar industries.

Overseas Installation