Rotating Trolley Cranes

Elite’s Rotating Trolley or Revolving Type EOT crane are specially designed and developed with customized specifications.

Rotating Trolley EOT crane have C-hook assembly to support material and other elongated product. The hook assembly includes a beam suspended from the winch by a pair of cables. Special Drives, crane Controls and Automation can be used to provide exact & accurate positioning of the crane as well as material.

  • These cranes are available in various capacities and have standard attachments.
  • These are specially designed to handle long products like TMT Bars ,Billets , Slabs , Blooms , Pipes , Sheets etc.
  • With the use of such cranes, space can be managed in better & proper way to stock the long & Flat products i.e. this crane utilizes the maximum space of storage area vertically & Horizontally both.
  • Magnets (Square Type) can be used to handle all Long & Flat Steel products

Overseas Installation