Radio Remote Control

Radio Remote Control of Push Button Control Hand held Type or Joy Stick Control Shoulder held Type Can be Supplied.

Load Display Unit

Load display unit are available with direct mounting on Hook or with strain Gauge Connect to wire rope and display unit at cabin. And /or with customer option on Bridge.

VVVF Drives

VVVF Drives (AC Drives) are available with VD Series sq cage motors. VVVF Drives are mounted on the standard panels of Cranes.

Cable Reeling Drum (Sprocket Type)

Cable Reeling Drum of Spring type or Sprocket Type mounted on the Rope Drum Shaft can be Supplied. Cable Reeling Drum are supplied without cables optional at extra cost.

Anti Collision Unit

Anti Collision switch unit is installed to prevent Collision of Crane or Crab Trolley with near by Crane or Crab Trolley. These are of electronic sensor type or Mechanical Stopper with Limit Switch to Cut Off Power Supply to Crane.

We also Install
Long Travel Rail Or Square Bar


SQUARE BAR 40mm or 50 mm (Customer Option)


RAIL (Customer option)

Down Shop Lead (DSL)
Power Supply For LT Motion


Supplied different size angles – Depending upon – nos. of cranes and total current in one bay


100 Amps to 1000Amps – Depending upon – nos. of Cranes and total Current in one bay.
FESTOON CABLE CARRIER SYSTEM Available for limit length of travel & limited current carrying capacity.

Overseas Installation