Spare Parts

The gear reducers are constructed either in double, triple and quadruple reduction using rugged wide faced helical and spur gears that are precision cut from special alloy steel forgings and to protect the gear train from shock loads all gears and pinions are supported between two antifriction ball/roller bearings.

Gear Train

Geared Brake Motor

EM Disk Brake

Resistance Box

Brake Drum Coupling

LT/CT Wheels

Flexible Coupling

Anti Collision Unit

Hook Block Ramshorn Type

Hook Block Ramshorn Type

Epoxy Insulator

Gear Box

Cable Trollies

Rail Clamp

Planetary Gear Box

Hook Block Shank Type

Trolley and crane wheels are straight treaded double-flanged forged steel wheels. Heat treated to achieve a special sorbatized structure upto a depth of 15-20 mm from the surface and gradually diminishing towards the center retaining the Core Properties. These wheels are supported on antifriction ball/roller bearings blocks.

LT/CT Wheel Assembly


Variable Frequency Controlled Electronic AC drives are available for infinite variable control of speeds. It saves power consumed by cranes and improve load maneuvering.

VVVF Drives

Overseas Installation