Trading Division


‘ELITE’ Trading Division

Elite Steels Private Limited, was conceptualized in the year 1991, We introduce ourselves as one of the leading manufacturers of EOT Cranes and Electromagnets in India and supplying the same across the globe. We are also one of the most prominent supplier from India of Ferro Alloys, Minerals, Non-Ferrous Metals, Refractory Items, Spares for Billet Caster/CCM, Rolling Mills, Furnace, Panel Electrical Control Components and Water System Spares.

We provide complete backend support for any engineering item and procurement with third party inspection (If required) for FCL/LCL containers.

Systematic & Professional Purchasing

Careful and Vigilant Despatch

Timely and Punctual Shipment

Customer Sfaction


Ferro Alloys are essential additives that are added in steel production for de oxidation and imparting specific properties to finished steel. We supply all kinds/Grades of Ferro Alloys like Silico Manganese (SiMn), Ferro Manganese (FeMn), Ferro Chrome, Ferro Silicon etc.


Castables, High Alumina Bricks and Silica Ramming Mass, all used in furnaces and structures that are exposed to high temperature zones. We supply all kind of Refractories for CCM & Induction Furnaces.


Panel Electrical Control Components, Water System Spares, Spare for Billet Caster/CCM, Rolling Mills, Furnaces Electrical Sub-Station & EOT Cranes.


Water System Spares

  • All Type of Water Hoses Pipes & Clamps
  • All Type of Indicators and Protection Items
  • All Type of Water Treatment Compound
  • All Type of Pumps, Valves, Heat Exchangers
  • All Type of Cooling Tower Like-HDPE, FRP, Wooden Etc.

Electrical Control Components

  • All Type of Thyristor/Diodes
  • All Type of Resistors
  • All Type of Capacitors
  • All Type of PCB Cards
  • All Type of Switch Gears
  • All Type of Wires & Cables
  • All Type of Fuses
  • All Type of CTS & PTS
  • All Type of Insulator
  • All Type of Switches & Meters

Continuous Casting Machine's Spares

1. Furnace Coil Insulation Spares

  • All Type of PTFE Products
  • All Type of Fiber Glass Material Like-tape, tubes, Sheets, Flats, Spacers Etc.
  • All Type of Mica Products
  • All Type of Coil Support Like-FRP, Parmali Wood, Backalite, Hylum Etc.
  • All Type of Asbestose/ceramic Products
  • All Type of Rubber Products Like – Silicon, Champion, Gasket Sheet Etc.
  • Coil Insulation Paint

2. Hydraulic Spares

  • All Type of Gear Pumps
  • All Type of Hydraulic Valves
  • All Type of Pipes & Fittings
  • All Type of Hydraulic Hoses
  • All Type of Seal Kits

3. Metal Hardware Items

  • All Type of Fastners
  • All Type of Solders & Its Compound
  • All Type of Tubes Like Copper S.S. Etc.
  • All Type of Copper/brass Section & Its Fastners
  • All Type of Water Cooled Cable & Its Accessories

4. Crucible Spares

  • All Type of Hydraulic Cylinders
  • All Type of Side Plates
  • All Type of S.S Tie Rods All Type of Refractories
  • All Type of Coil & Coil Turns All Type of Yokes/Lamination Packet
  • All Type of Complete Crucible Assembles From 15kg to 30 Ton Capacity
  • Top and Bottom Rings, Ferrady Rings/ Shield

Overseas Installation